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A good partner

I know there are better answers out there.  Why are they so hard to find? In today's world we have so much information, but it's never been more difficult to find trustworthy partners committed to helping you.

Prevention is key

I believe that prevention is the cure to so many of our chronic illnesses today.  When I saw signs of illness in my own body in the form of high blood pressure, irregular heartbeats (AFIB) and long-term migraines, I knew that something had to change or I'd be facing much more serious issues later on.  My body was telling me something and I needed to listen.

I've been there

As a busy professional myself, I understand today's stressful world and the constant juggle. I also know that not everything is cured by a perfect diet and excessive exercise.  It's just not as simple as calories in, calories out. 

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