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I was fed-up with the lack of answers from traditional medicine.  How could I be so healthy on paper, but still feel terrible?
As a Type-A, I was determined to figure it out, even if it meant that I had to do it myself!

Healthy Kid

Growing up, I was always pretty healthy.  I’d get strep throat every winter had the flu once or twice.  I’d suffered with cystic acne since middle school.  I saw dozens of dermatologists and had prescriptions for every oral or topical antibiotic and steroid combination to help control my breakouts.  I had painful periods and so doctors put me on birth control in high school. 

Birth Control & Migraines

Through college and into my 20’s, I began suffering from excruciating migraines.  Sometimes I would miss work.  Sometimes I would miss entire weekends laying in a dark room with an ice pack. I could feel them coming on and there was literally nothing I could do to make them stop from ruining a planned social event. I had never experienced anything debilitating in my life before – and here I was in the prime of my life in my 20’s at the mercy of my migraines.

Busy Executive Lifestyle

After college, I climbed the corporate ladder and a successful career quickly became my focus.  Travel and promotions stacked up and I found myself Director of Sales and Marketing at various companies before I was 30.  I thrived on the busy travel schedules, back-to-back customer meetings and wining & dining at some of the best restaurants in the country. I was Executive Platinum American Airlines traveler and proud of it!

Out of Control!

But I didn’t grow out of the acne.  And I still suffered terrible migraines that would knock me out for days at a time.  I was gaining weight despite my intense attention to healthy foods and my strict workout routines. 

I had tried everything - vegetarian, vegan, counted my macros and overdosed on protein.  I hiked, ran, biked, Cross-Fitted, lifted weights and practiced yoga on a strict schedule – sometimes even several of these a day.  And yet my weight continued to creep up slowly.


Since blood work at every doctor’s appointment showed that I was in perfect health, I knew that I needed to find a different kind of expert to help me get myself back on track.   

AFIB & High Blood Pressure

As I approached my late 30’s I was diagnosed high blood pressure and AFIB (atrial fibrillation).  This was totally unacceptable as someone who ate healthy and exercised religiously

I was so frustrated – I felt like I was doing all the right things, but things were getting worse and not better.  Doctors said just take these pills… for the rest of your life.  I knew there had to be a better way.

Root Cause

I knew that there was something driving these symptoms and that there was a root cause behind all of it.  I certainly didn’t want to take prescriptions for the rest of my life.  I wasn’t about to wait until it was catastrophic for doctors to take control.  I needed to take charge of my own healthcare.

I Hired All of the Experts

I sought out experts including personal trainers, intuitive eating experts, health coaches & naturopath doctors.  I was ALL IN on every program they gave me.  But they never got me where I wanted to be.  My health coach let me know that there was nothing else she could do to help me.  Talk about a waste of precious time and thousands of dollars!

Take Charge of Your Health

It’s after this journey that I discovered true functional medicine and what it can do for you.  I’ve been through the ringer, and I want to save people the agony, the time and the money that I went through trying to find solutions.  There’s so much more to it than diet and exercise, but it doesn’t have to be difficult or painful to take charge of your own health with the right partner. 

I’d love to be your partner in this journey to help you take charge of your health too!

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